Mind the Signs

Hey there Superstar,
Have you ever been afraid to do something, but known in your heart that that something was exactly what you were meant to do?
I absolutely felt that way before I took my first solo international vacation to Costa Rica in 2008.
My first night in San Jose, a wooden sign hanging in the dining area of the hostel caught my eye. It read:

It was exactly the sign I needed to confirm that I was on the right path at the right moment, and it was a lesson I’ve always kept close.
That trip turned out to be life changing on so many levels. It gave me the courage and confidence to go anywhere my heart felt genuinely pulled. Pursuing yoga teacher training, joining the Peace Corps and moving to the Bay Area have all in some way been a byproduct of that initial Costa Rica wanderlust eight years ago.
Traveling alone taught me to trust my intuition above all else.  
So when I started to feel that pull again a few months ago, this time to practice Ashtanga yoga in Mysore, India, I paid attention and decided to put the idea out into the ether.
Before I knew it, I was submitting my application to practice with Saraswathi Jois at KPJAYI this summer.
When I received my acceptance and final confirmation just a few days later, I was surprised, a little shocked and totally unprepared.
“What does this mean?” I asked my teacher Lisa the next time I saw her.
She looked at me and said, “You’re going to Mysore.”
And so it is.

I’m so excited about my upcoming pilgrimage to the Source, and grateful for the support for it to happen.

I’ll be leaving California at the end of July and will return from India mid-September.

* * *

Don’t get me wrong, though. These leaps of faith involve a lot of risk and the only certain thing one can expect from such a display of trust in the Universe isuncertainty.
You don’t know what you’ll experience when you get there.
It’s hard to predict in what ways you’ll transform.
And the person you are when you come home will always be a little bit different than the person you were when you left.
Sometimes we need that change.
Plus, that’s what healing and life are all about; growing, learning and connecting in ways you never knew possible before.

* * *

**Just a few weeks after returning, I’ll take to the skies again to lead my next yoga retreat in Nicaragua from October 6-12 in San Juan Del Sur. **
I realize that not everyone can take half the summer to travel halfway across the world for yoga, but I also know the power of immersing oneself in a new experience and this practice.
If you are ready for a change in your life, and want to share some of the Mysore energy I’ll be bringing back with me, then I invite you to join me for six days of yoga, surf and healing transformation in Nicaragua this October. 
This is the type of investment in yourself that you won’t regret because the experiences, lessons learned and memories will last. Forever.
There’s not much time left to secure your spot, so you better hurry because space is limited!
Hit reply to this email if you have questions and to request a discount code. Click here to book your life-changing trip today. 
So... to close out this message from me to you, I thought I’d recap some of my favorite travel lessons of all time:

  1. Travel only with thy equals or thy betters; if there are none, travel alone.

  2. Always trust your intuition.

  3. Regret is more expensive.

Is this a sign?
With love and magic,