Staying Zen w/ Bated Breath

When things are going well in your life, have you ever found yourself creating irrational stories in your mind about all the things that could go wrong and take away your happiness?
It’s something we humans tend to do as a way of guarding ourselves from feeling too open or exposed. Contrary to what you might think, the feeling of joy actually makes many of us feel incredibly vulnerable.
But the downside of waiting with bated breath for the other shoe to drop is that you end up not fully enjoying the amazing moment you’re in. The journey starts to become about a destination or ideal and not about the journey itself.
Here are three powerful ways to keep your Zen when you’re waiting in that moment of happy uncertainty…

  1. Get grounded. Turn to a daily practice that serves you. Devote time each day to connecting to the present moment. Yoga, meditation and other contemplative practices can provide a strong foundation and over time will help you feel as stable as a mountain.
  2. Show appreciation. If you’re enjoying someone’s presence, share your sentiment with that person. If a situation unfolded in your favor, express gratitude to the Universe and pay it forward in some fashion.  If you’re winning at life, make sure you’re celebrating it.
  3. Create a memory. Take a mental snapshot of everything you can take in about the moment, and commit it to memory. No matter what happens next, you’ll always have a beautiful moment to reflect on.

Taking these three steps is like making a deposit into your emotional bank account. It builds resilience and fosters gratitude, which is the gold seal signal to the Universe that you can handle more happiness.
And so we say…
Bring it.
Game on,