A Week w/ The Boss

In my 13-year yoga journey, there have been many of moments of insight and meaning that I never would have thought possible before devoting myself to this practice.

A few stand out as especially profound and life changing...
-My first savasana tears at Prana Power Yoga in Cambridge,
-Having an out of body experience in Costa Rica during teacher training,
-Seeing God while practicing the Rocket with David C. Kyle.

And after yesterday I can add...
Practicing Ashtanga Yoga with The Boss, Sharath Jois. 

I'm spending every day this week with a 4am wake-up call to get to the "office" -- a gym/temporary shala at Stanford to study with the master.

It might sound crazy to some people, and on some level it probably is. After all, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. And -- that's kiiiiind of what we're doing with the ashtanga practice everyday. 

But alongside hundreds of other Ashtangis who have traveled from near and far to be in Sharath's presence, it's easy to see the beauty. There is so much magic to moving and breathing in union with your sangha. And yesterday I realized that I've never felt more at home. 

I can't tell you how much this practice continues to change my life and open my eyes. So in the grand scheme of things, waking up at 4am to see Sharath at Stanford is a small price to pay, considering he came all the way from Mysore, India to share this practice with us. 

Plus, it's a just good rule of thumb... 
"When the boss is in town, you show up to work early." -@themindfulmethod


P.S. Read a great interview with Sharath about Ashtanga Yoga here





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