The truth about my love life...

I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships lately. How we go about them, get into and out of them, and how they can deeply affect the way we feel. We all need relationships; we simply wouldn’t be able to survive without them.
We’re all hard wired to love and be loved. 
But if that’s the case, then why are relationships so complicated?
Intimate and romantic relationships are a whole other level of complex -- and an area in many people’s lives where the struggle is real -- mine very much included.
Dating and romance have a special way of making us feel our most vulnerable in front of another person. And as someone whose default response to fear and losing control is to shut down and close off, dates can sometimes serve as a rude awakening to the reality that I may very well still have quite a way to go before I can live out the full experience of relationship intimacy.
The truth is, I have many more questions than answers in regard to this particular topic, but I’m sharing because I think that the practice of vulnerability is that important, and so incredibly delicate.

I wonder how many of us might be able to approach our relationships with more vulnerability, mindfulness, and compassion.
It is a difficult practice, revealing your true self. It might be the most difficult practice of all.
But when I think about people I know who have allowed themselves to surrender to vulnerability in healthy and supportive relationships, I start to notice that these folks might have a few things in common.
Communication, trust and love, to name a few…
So, if these are the benefits of what might come from opening one’s heart, I guess I’ll keep on practicing.
What about you?