5 Steps To Develop Your Intuition

Have you ever had a feeling about something that you couldn’t shake? An inkling or a sixth sense that later materialized or was confirmed in some way?
That, my friend, is the gift of your intuition.
I’ve found that the more I’ve healed, the stronger my intuition has become, and vice versa. Through devoted engagement in my spiritual practices, and practicing gratitude, kindness and compassion, I’ve been able to honor the way divinity makes its way through me. And the more I honor and allow for this flow of divinity, the more able I am to share my healing with others.
But I’ve also found that often, people wonder, What if my intuition is wrong?
Your intuition is intrinsically connected to the source of the divine and it will never lead you down the wrong path. Divinity is always in support of your best interests.

Take some time to implement these five steps to strengthen your intuition, and let me know how it goes.

  1. Make space. Set aside some time that you can dedicate to developing your intuition. You can dedicate a seated meditation or yoga practice to opening space in your third eye, ajna chakra. Or simply set the intention to rely on your sixth sense rather than Google maps or your GPS to take you along a new route from work to home.
  2. Look, listen, feel. When you are in the space you’ve created – whether it’s sitting, practicing, driving -- try to quiet your mind so that you can become aware of the messages coming through to you. Everyone is different, and some individuals experience their intuitive abilities most strongly through physical sensation, while others may receive guidance through sounds, signs, or scenery.
  3. Trust yourself first. Your intuition can come in pretty handy when you’ve got a dilemma, situation, or decision that needs your highest Self at the helm. Remember that your intuitive gifts are a direct connection to the Divine, and the Universe will always have your back.
  4. Get creative. Document your intuitive development with a form of creative expression. Write, draw, sing, dance, or make chutney from the bottom of your heart! Whether you keep it to yourself or share with an audience is up to you, but the act of honoring your intuition with an offering of creativity is one surefire way to keep your intuitive skills sharp.
  5. Practice gratitude. Give thanks for every confirmation and manifestation that comes to light as a result of your honoring your intuition. This is the step that guarantees to perpetuate the cycle for continued development. Plus, gratitude is good for your brain and everyone around you.

Granted, there have been times when my head’s in a fog and I’m not quite sure if what’s coming through as “downloads” are of a spiritual nature, or a negative byproduct of watching too much Netflix.
In these situations, I turn to my teachers, my teachers’ teachers, and my teachers’ teachers’ teachers. I look to the lineages that I’ve been called to study, and I refer to the spiritual texts that document those teachings. I ask myself questions like:

♥ What would Krishna guide Arjuna to do in the Bhagavad Gita?

♥ How can the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga lead me to the best course of action?

♥ Which choice is rooted in love, and which choice is a response to fear?

Ultimately, the choices in life that I’ve made based on intuition and spiritual guidance have been the ones that have brought me the most healing and love in return.
My wish is that your intuition can bring you as much love and healing as mine has brought me.
How has your intuition helped you in life? Do you struggle with listening to your inner voice? I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment about your journey in developing your intuitive skills.
Kisses to your third eye,




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