Essential Oils 101

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For anyone reading who doesn’t already know how much I love my essential oils… I LOVE my essential oils! I carry them around with me, offer them to my yoga students, waft them under drunken friends’ noses to prevent hangovers, and am always looking up natural remedies for everybody’s ailments. I fell in love with essential oils a few years ago and quickly discovered their incredible healing benefits. In a matter of weeks, my allergies went away, I had more mental clarity, and I was sleeping more soundly. Plus, I smelled better than ever.

If you’re completely brand new to essential oils, here’s some basic info about this amazing source of natural medicine.

What are essential oils?

Imagine for a moment the scent of an orange peel, fresh basil, or a rose in full bloom. These natural fragrances make up the plant’s natural aromatic compound, and are found in the seeds, bark, stems, leaves, roots, flower petals, and other parts of fragrant plants. doTERRA oils are extracted by a low-heat steam distillation process to result in highly potent and certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. To give you an idea of how potent these oils are, it takes 12,000 rose blossoms to result in 5mL of therapeutic rose oil. For more info about definition, history of essential oils, grades, and safety, click here.

How do I use essential oils?

Essential oils can be used in a wide variety of ways to support emotional and physical wellness. Depending on the desired effect, oils can be used one at a time, or they can be mixed together to create blends to enhance the desired benefits.

  • Aromatically. Take a couple of drops of oil in your hands, rub them together and breathe in deeply with your hands in front of your face. My favorite way to have my oils going all day every day is to put 5-6 drops into water in my diffuser, and it makes my whole apartment smell amazing, and keeps me feeling relaxed and happy.
  • Topically. Essential oils can be applied directly to the skin, and because of their purity, are absorbed almost immediately. Using carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil is a great way to dilute the potency. The soles of the feet have the biggest pores and the most nerve endings in the body, so applying your oils here will help them go directly to your bloodstream for fast benefits. You could also apply essential oils directly to a cut or scrape, using Melaleuca, for instance, to disinfect a wound.
  • Internally. doTERRA’s certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils are so high quality, many are safe for internal consumption and we offer products like Lifelong Vitality and On Guard beadlets that have oil blends built in for optimal wellness. While this is awesome, don’t forget that essential oils are a super potent form of the original plant and can be up to 25-70 times as concentrated. Please be smart about using essential oils internally and be aware of any interactions or contraindications they may have with current medications or health conditions.

And because I so love making info-pretties, here’s one you can print out and hang up on your fridge. Because I know you want to.

Where can I buy essential oils?

You can purchase essential oils today at most health food stores, some pharmacies, and of course, online.

Why doTERRA?

There are a lot of options for essential oils out there, but after testing out a lot of different varieties, I chose to endorse and resell doTERRA for a few reasons. First, the company sustainably sources their oils from plant producers all over the world, resulting in the highest quality certified pure therapeutic grade oils. Second, doTERRA is the leading essential oil company advancing the education and research of aromatic science. Third, doTERRA provides its loyal members with an opportunity to build the business and earn income by sharing the products.

How do I buy doTERRA essential oils?

If you’re looking to buy just one or two oils, you can purchase directly from my retail site. Need some personalized essential oil advice? Contact me.

For those interested in integrating essential oils into your daily life for optimal health and wellness, you’ll want to create a wholesale account and get started with an enrollment kit. By enrolling with a kit, your $35 enrollment fee is waived, and you gain access to all kinds of crazy deals and discounts for future orders. It truly is all kinds of awesome. Not sure which kit is right for you? Just holler and I’ll be happy to talk you through it.

Your turn! Share some ideas for how you already use - or want to start using -essential oils to detoxify and heal your home in the comments below.

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