Reiki Energy Healing

Are you healing from physical or emotional pain? Seeking to deepen your spiritual practice and connection? 

Reiki, roughly translated as "universal life force" or "spiritual energy," is an alternative healing technique that activates the body's natural relaxation response to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance.

Reiki is an excellent complement to traditional therapies and treatments. The practitioner, trained and attuned to serve as a channel for Reiki, guides the flow of energy into the client's physical form and energy body via hand placements along the chakras (energy centers).

Reiki can be sent over distance with results as powerful as an in-person treatment. 

Many people report feeling a sensation of warm or cold tingling, deep relaxation, and emotional release during a session. Treatments are conducted fully-clothed, with the client sitting or laying in a relaxed position. Each session includes a brief opening check-in and ends with a debrief and suggestions for practices to support the client's continued healing.

Camille has been working with Reiki since 2010 when she received the Level I and II trainings and attunements. In 2015, Camille completed training under Reiki Master Kumi Ritchey and earned her certification as a Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Method of Natural Healing. 

Why clients love Reiki w/ Camille...

"As a Reiki practitioner, Camille brings a powerful presence of steadiness and consciousness that contains her clients' natural progression toward healing, and uses intuition and intelligence to determine the unique course of each session. It is a gift to work with Camille in any capacity. She is among the most gifted and authentic healers I know." -Maryl B. 

"I actually experienced a calmness I had not felt in a long time and could feel various sensations throughout my body. It was as though I could feel the energy moving. Camille is a very caring and intuitive person. She makes you feel relaxed and deeply cares about her practice and her clients. It was a wonderful, relaxing, and energetic experience. I am looking forward to our next session." -Bill T.